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Utilize photography to strengthen existing brand.

Providing keepsake photos is an easy way to place brand within a person's regular everyday routine.

  • ​Photos are commonly placed around the home as well as in office areas
  • Photos are very commonplace and make it easy to attract visitors and their participation
  • Photos are nearly always shared through social media and provide additional brand reach beyond typical giveaways
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Build awareness of products and services.

Engagement at Events and Activations is greater and leaves a more lasting impression when guests become part of the photo op.

  • ​turn a static boring advert or flyer into a fun keepsake that builds a sense of ownership into the product
  • Brand, products, and services are more likely to be shared with family and friends


Drive traffic and participation at events.

Incorporating sought after keepsakes can drive visitors to physical locations or the web.

  • Guest appearances with photo opportunities pull visitors to a booth or location
  • Participants will happily visit other locations or websites to retrieve their special photo
  • Incorporating autographs with purchased merchandise can provide increased sales at events with retail setups

Build awareness and value through interaction

Engaging guests with activities or memorable photo ops strengthens the desire to obtain the photo and enhances the memory of the event. 

  • A photo that cannot be well captured or easily produced adds instant value
  • The value can be transferred into retail opportunity or association with the sponsor that provided a free gift


Onsite Printing

Photos can be produced on demand within seconds in multiple sizes. Additionally, custom branded or themed photo sleeves can be made available to further enhance the photo.

  • Photo stations can be positioned near photo ops or strategically placed in redemption areas to drive traffic to other locations
  • Onsite printing places the keepsake in the hand, providing instant satisfaction
  • Printing can be paired with other deliverables. This provides the opportunity for a free keepsake with additional retail opportunities or further sponsorship activities 
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Greenscreen Photos

Create a scene, brand & advertise, or simply provide a whimsical fun photo of the event.

  • Sometimes the perfect photo of a live setting just isn't possible due to crowds, poor lighting, security, and more
  • Utilize staged photos and graphics for settings that could not be captured without the use of greenscreen
  • Greenscreen also grants the ability of having multiple photo offerings that can be chosen in real time without having to increase space for multiple backgrounds

Digital Delivery (Photo Ops and Photo Stations)

A digital photo option will still provide a great keepsake and can even increase the reach of brand, as sharing on social media becomes instant.

  • Live shots or greenscreen photos are available
  • Digital options can be standalone or paired with other products 
  •  Photos can be sent via email, text message, or placed on a customized website for direct download. Photo ID cards with web links and instructions can be branded and themed
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Digital Delivery (Roaming Digital Delivery System)

No hassle, no cards, nothing to hold or to remember. Roaming Photographers texting photos directly to the Guests phone.

  • Brings the photo op to the Guest
  • Texting the photo instantly to the Guest
  • Instant sharing to family, friends, & social media
  • Provides branded photos, content & web links
  • Provides data capture
  • No footprint, setup, or space required
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